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Brigitte Tritt is a rapid transformational therapist, certified life coach, wellness entrepreneur and a holistic lifestyle advocate. Her company, BEmpowered Thoughts, is a go-to resource for women and men around the globe. As a certified Hypnotherapist her proven methods help shift your subconscious patterns to dissolve limiting beliefs so transformation happens fast! Self praise and creating powerful NEW beliefs to rewire the deepest part of your mind for permanent positive change is what makes her techniques so successful. You feel free to live the life you have always wanted and your world becomes limitless. Her mission is for everyone to have personal empowerment and thrive. She has participated in events with top thought leaders such as Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor along with having access to world renown mentors in her life. Brigitte is a passionate and inspirational voice supporting you on your journey to self-love, healing and wellness by helping you create the opening for the dream life you have always desired.


A Simple, Easy and Fun Way to Fall In Love With Yourself

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