Love Yourself! Discover Your Passion! Glow From the Inside Out! Learn How Micro Changes Lead to Massive Results!

One of the world’s best kept secrets is how to love yourself. 

It is all too easy to get stuck running around, frustrated, tired and unfulfilled. When you’re stuck in that rut, it is difficult to slow down, check in with yourself and put you and your needs first. You know what you need to do but the change required is too big, too hard, too time-consuming to attempt right now.

Not so. Brigitte Tritt takes you step-by-step through small, easy mindfulness actions that will completely transform your life in just 21 days. The book #SelfLoveMicrosteps provide tips, tools and exercises to go deeper in getting to know your best self in a safe and loving environment. Practicing #SelfLoveMicrosteps teaches you to become effective and fast track your success – however you define it – and easily start living your calling.

Practicing #SelfLoveMicrosteps will have you glowing from within and feeling self-worthy, valuable and living your best life as you attract people with similar energies. Read this book today, and begin feeling free, balanced and blissful!

“If you want to rapidly change the results in your life and get right to the core of the matter, then sit down with Brigitte Tritt. She’s really good at what she does, and the results are extremely valuable!”

Bob Proctor - Author, Motivational Speaker and Featured Speaker of The Secret

“Brigitte Tritt uses wisdom and her own personal experience to teach valuable skills that every human being needs, but no one seems to get while they are growing up – how to love yourself. #SelfLoveMicrosteps is sexy, fun, enlightening and will provide you with a road map of how to be successful in love and in life.”

Marcia Martin, CEO, Marcia Martin Productions, Co-Creator, Transformational Leadership Council

“One of the most critical and fundamental steps for self-love is to forgive yourself and others. But we are not taught how to forgive – only told that we should forgive. In Brigitte Tritt’s book #SelfLoveMicrosteps she gives you simple and easy steps to follow that teach you how to forgive others and most importantly how to forgive yourself. You learn to be responsible in the most profound way.”

Jack Canfield NYT Best Selling Author…Interview, Santa Barbara August 2019

“Whatever area of your life you want to take to the next level, Brigitte will provide lifelong self-empowerment tools that will help you get there fast while having a lot of fun along the way.”

Raymond Aaron NYT Best Selling Author, Success Coach and Adventurer


A Simple, Easy and Fun Way to Fall In Love With Yourself

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